Quo Vadis Sustainability

Conserving resources, avoiding waste, reducing CO2 emissions, protecting the environment and climate – these are issues that are becoming increasingly important not only for us as a green and sustainable company, but also for many consumers. The sustainable manufacturing of products has long ceased to be uncharted territory. At the same time, global trends such as urbanization, digitalization, e-commerce, and marketing are increasing the demand for eco-friendly products.

Growing demand: Ecological production plays an important role

Social awareness within the general public is changing. The use of environmentally friendly materials is helping to conserve precious resources -This includes packaging materials and labels. Especially in the food and cosmetics industry, high-quality and environmentally friendly labels are more in demand than ever before. As with a variety of other products, questions of business ethics are also relevant for label materials: Where do the raw materials come from? What environmentally harmful substances and chemicals are used in the production? Were large forest stands cleared for the production?

Sustainable solutions for environmentally friendly products

The growing market for vegan and organic products plays an important role in a sustainable economy. Marketing organic products increases the demand for innovative, environmentally friendly label solutions. We regard this development as both an opportunity and an obligation to work on sustainable solutions in the label industry and to increase the environmental compatibility of our products. In our excellent product line, we try to consider all stages in the life cycle of a label. With our new grass paper label product line, we take another step towards the future: The material consists of 50 percent of the rapidly renewable and domestic raw material grass. Producing products that save precious resources and energy is our small contribution towards a forward thinking economic development.

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