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Sustainable, Green, Organic – Grass Paper Labels are a true innovation. In the production not only scarce resources are saved; Energy consumption and water use are also significantly reduced. Chemicals are not needed for the processing of the pulp at all. And on top of that, the paper still looks right in its ecological appearance. If you want to learn even more exciting things about the environmentally friendly labels, you will find here a lot of interesting information.


More than recycling

Because images of polluted oceans filled with drifting plastic bags bags are circulated around the world, the world politicians react: Plastic bags are already

Amazing Raw Material Grass

Grass is a renewable raw material that occurs in large quantities all over the world and grows back quickly. It is precisely these two

Our contribution to the environment

Sustainability, conservation of resources, and environmental protection are central themes in our corporate philosophy; The health of our planet is very important to us.

Quo Vadis Sustainability

Conserving resources, avoiding waste, reducing CO2 emissions, protecting the environment and climate – these are issues that are becoming increasingly important not only for

Hardly any water, no chemicals

Why labels made of grass? This question is frequently asked. There are several reasons for resorting to renewable raw materials in the production of